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Current Version: 2.0.1
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Upscale or downscale videos to industry standard MPEG4 videos. Create MPEG4 videos that playback from any webpage. Create small size copies of your professional footage for easy viewing and efficient file transfer. MPEG4 Studio Pro creates these videos from a range of source material.

Consumer video formats such as such as MOV, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, DV, MJPEG and many more can be converted. But also professional formats such as MXF and ProRes are supported. And MPEG4 Studio Pro can process multiple videos at once with the batch-conversion option. Reliably and fast.

Create stunning 4K video from small originals, such as mobile videos.

Convert common video formats to highly efficient MPEG4-videos with two clicks. This app automatically creates the necessary webpage and is all you need to convert and embed a simple video on your page and show the basic controls. No need for YouTube or Vimeo, you can host the video wherever you like.

Sharpen your footage. Convert up to 8 channels audio into one MPEG4 file. And much more.

This app does not open or convert DVDs nor convert copy-protected or encrypted material


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Fixed a stereo sound issue

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