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Current Version: 1.1.1
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Travel back in time with revolutionary 3D reconstructions of the ancient city.

Cutting-edge interactive pictures, videos and 3D models give you a brand-new way to visit two cities at once – the old and the new.

Immerse yourself in today’s Rome with interactive 360Β° Virtual Reality. Visit the city before you even touch down and plan your perfect tour.

Discover the rich history of its sites, with Audio Guides in 7 languages.

With hundreds of Points of Interest geotagged and described, Rome is your playground.

The map and all its content are available in Offline Mode, so you’ll never lose a landmark – or yourself.

Mapsoo takes you from amateur to historical expert, and from tourist to local.


3D Models
360Β° Pictures

Virtual Reality Mode
Switch Present-Past

Offline Mode

100s of Geolocalized Points of Interest

Audio Guides in 7 Languages:
- English
- Italian
- French
- Spanish
- German
- Russian
- Chinese

Content Categories
Holy Places
Historical Places


New in this version

Bug fixed:
Crash Download content

New feature:
Download content for offline viewing in a single step.

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