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“xcoin” is a cryptocurrency that always has the same value tied to a specific fiat currency.
We aim to play a core role in the global financial industry by spreading the free cryptocurrency “xcoin” that is not managed or controlled by any government or central bank.

xcoin is a cryptocurrency called "stable coin" that always has the same value as a specific currency.

By holding the same amount of cash or cash equivalents as the issued balance, we guarantee the value of xcoin is secured with 100% collaterals.

As a result, it can function like a real currency that combines three functions: (1) scale of value, (2) exchange mean, and (3) means of storing value,.

We issue 156 types of xcoins corresponding to each 156 type of fiat currencies around the world, such as XJPY equivalent to Japanese yen and XUSD equivalent to US dollar.

All issued xcoins can be managed with “xcoin wallet”, a dedicated wallet app.

By downloading xcoin wallet, xcoins corresponding to various fiat currencies can be exchanged and stored freely.

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- Bug fix
- Performance update

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