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Umayanga Alahakoon


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Current Version: 1.2
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Have you ever tried any of those other budget management apps and why?
* Yes, because I want to know what happened to my money.

Are you still using those budget management apps?
* No, because those apps are cluttered with so many unnecessary features.

Those are my answers for those two questions and probably many of you feel the same way.
So I created an app for myself without all those clutter and with just the things I wanted.

* Simple interface
* Simply add any income or expense
* See your income/expense history
* No creating accounts / sign-up / login
* No need of internet connectivity

Just download and use. That's it.

Here are some nice-to-have features.
Your data will automatically backed up to your iCloud account. So you won't lose your data even if you lose your phone.
and YES this app supports iOS 13 Dark Mode too.

If you want a simple budget management app like I do, this is THE app for you.


New in this version

Removed the background color of items (records) in the "Records History" list.
Now you can see the date and time of your records in the home screen.
Changed the design of up-down arrows.

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