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Current Version: 2.0.0
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This is an app that helps you prepare for your Regulatory Exam by providing you with hundreds of practice questions that are as close as possible to the ones you will find in the real exam, assisting you to get it right the first time. Its simple design and the quality of the material it has makes it the best app around.

The questions have been compiled and structured by Abbot Pfukwa (FIISA, MMFI, BSc Hons) from Octomate who has vast experience in RE preparatory workshops. Questions are derived from many sources including learner feedback on the tough questions they met in board exams. They will be continuously updated based on FSCA board notices.

DISCLAIMER: This application is there to help revise and prepare for your exam and to supplement other study materials . The developer does not guarantee that one will automatically pass their exam after using it.


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