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Current Version: 1.2
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    1 year ago
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Install for your child up with an educational game with figures, abc, words and arithmetic with AR augmented reality. For iPhone and iPad without ads. More than 100 AR objects of augmented reality for training in the application. The child will play and study figures, letters, numbers and animals in 3D and AR augmented reality.

In the appendix 4 main directions for studying for children:

Shapes - the five main figures. Circle, square, rectangle, triangle and pentagon. Each of the figures in different colors so that your child remembers even better when you click on the button your child will hear the name of the figure and the name of the color. This is really great.

ABC - a complete English-language alphabet with illustrations of animals, fruits, berries and vegetables. When pressed, the child hears the pronunciation of the letter. You can study letters in AR and 3D. Place any of the letters next to your favorite toy or on your book. Augmented reality provides new learning opportunities.

Words - when the child has already learned the letters, he can begin to read. It will be interesting for the child to look for the first letter in the word. For each word there are 4 variants of the first letters. If you answer correctly, you will hear a letter sound. If you guess correctly, then you will be able to open the gallery of animals AR. This will encourage the child to guess words.

Arithmetic - the child has already learned the words and is now ready for the count. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Simple and understandable examples are sequentially set so that the child understands each of the arithmetic operations. If you guess the examples correctly, then you will get AR numbers in the arithmetic gallery. It is wonderful.

We have been working on this application for a long time so that your children can easily and simply study with them. We will be very grateful if you have any suggestions for improving the application. Thank you for installing the application.


New in this version

Fixed a critical malfunction when opening the AR award in the arithmetic area of the game.

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