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Christopher Gross


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Current Version: 1.1
  • ๐Ÿ”ƒ Updated to v1.0
    6 months ago
You can think of a two part polyrhythm as two sets of accents on a fundamental pulse common to the two rhythms. If youโ€™d like to think of polyrhythms that way, wowโ€”are you ever lucky to find this thing!

You can feel and count these smaller even beats instead of just trying to feel the fractions directly. Timeslicer shows you all these counts in action. You can even set it up to hear that underlying pulse, if you want.

You can set the sounds and rhythms and tempo of the beats you'd like to practice. Then listen, watch, count, feel.

When you think you have it, tap along on the buttons at the bottom. Keep the beats orange to bump up the combo counter and continue your streak. *

The preset exercises are just a set of beats and sounds we especially like. They go from dead simple to verging on the complicated. They work just like the practice beats, except that your max combo gets saved for next time.





* As the maker of this thing, we feel the need to point out that tapping in lockstep to clockwork is perhaps not the most musical of human activities. Still, we sometimes like to try to prove to ourselves that we could do it indefinitely, if we really wanted to.


New in this version

small tweaks:ย 
remixed exercises 6:7 and 7:6
changed "speed" to "tempo"

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