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Current Version: 2022.0124.1
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A high school mystery
A rumor spreads regarding the sudden disappearance of Nora, a high school classmate. It will be up to you to discover what is really going on. But what will you choose and how will you behave when you find that the guy you love is at the center of this mystery? Will you trust him or stay on your guard?

With the help of your two best friends - Lila and Joshua - you will discuss and exchange in order to take the best decisions. Your choices will define the story and its outcome!

["Hey Love Tim" was previously titled "Hey Love Nora's Mystery"]

Three love stories
What you say in this texting game will have an impact on your story, but that's not all. What you advise your friends will change their story too. What will you tell Joshua who’s deeply in love with the high school fashionista? And who’s Lila’s mysterious lover? Should Lila be wary given what's happened to Nora?
Exchange with Lila and Joshua through group text messages and find out what to do together. Be part of the Crew!

The new “Hey Love” game
Find the same things that you loved in “Hey Love Adam”: love stories, humor and choices that shape your adventure. In this texting game, each message that you send is a choice and the characters will always react specifically to it!

Make it your high school story:
• 1 texting story
• 1 high school mystery
• 3 love stories
• 8 different endings
• Up to 50 pictures to unlock
• More than 1000 choices of text messages to send
• Plenty of characters to interact with

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