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Current Version: 1.1.2
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Tanker helps marine engineers and tankermen calculate soundings on the fly without having to look through sounding tables. Not only does it make it easier, but could potentially make product transfers safer as the person in charge (PIC) can see how much room is left in each tank and make confident decisions on when to swap tanks.


Pick your ship and take soundings on the fly! The sounder finds the volume for each sounding at a specified trim. Once all of the information is entered, hit Calculate and all of the soundings will be added up. You can even see the maximum capacities and percentages of each tank and all tanks combined as well. Currently handles US Units (feet, inches, and gallons) and SI Units (meters, centimeters, and cubic meters).

Before you can calculate soundings, you will need to add your ship's data. The editor walks you through in adding soundings to the ship in order: Ships->Products->Tanks->Trims->Soundings. Editor also has an import feature when you get to adding Soundings. You can either enter each sounding one by one or import a .CSV file via iTunes file sharing by lightning to a computer.

Share Data
You can share tank data via AirDrop to another engineer by simply going into the ship's menu in Sounder and hitting the share button on the upper right corner. This will share the ship and it's data to the other engineer so he/she doesn't have to manually enter the sounding data in editor.


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