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Version 20.8 • Requires iOS 10.10 or newer

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Xi An Yixueyiyong Software Technology Co., Ltd.


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Current Version: 20.8
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Ruler is an accurate length measuring tool. By measuring the size of your monitor, you create one or more screen rulers on the screen that are the same as a real ruler, so that you can measure length without having a real ruler.

* Support for generating one or more rulers
- Horizontal ruler
- Vertical ruler
* Unit of measurement
- Centimeter (cm)
- Inch (in)
- Pixel (px)
* Keyboard shortcut movement
- Move up
- Move down
- Move left
- Move right
* Display
- Horizontal length
- Vertical length
- Diagonal length
* Transparency (0~1)

* Compatibility
System requirements: OS X 10.10 or newer

* Dark Mode is Ready
System requirements: OS X 10.14 or newer

* Mac Features
Support full screen or zoom on Mac

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