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Version 0.8 • Requires iOS 13.0 or newer

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Current Version: 0.8
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My Vision Helper is the number one app for visually impaired individuals who need advanced camera video magnification, color contrast enhancement, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. Integration with Apple’s speech recognition allows My Vision Helper to be operated almost exclusively with voice commands. Easy to understand video tutorials and reference guide can be conveniently accessed at any time within the app. All at a fraction of the price of expensive CCTVs.
Features include:
- Speech recognition that can be used to save, load, and edit custom filters and colors, as well as control magnification, device flashlight brightness, rotation locking, contrast, saturation, transparency, and more!
- Color contrast filters that can applied to your iPhone or iPad camera video. Filters can be customized with simple but powerful voice commands, and are easily saved/loaded again for later use.
- An optional OCR subscription accurately converts text on the camera to speech, and is also separated into sections and displayed on the screen using your color contrast preferences.
- Custom colors that be created, edited, and used alongside standard Apple colors.
- Contrast enhancement with user-selected text/foreground and background colors.
- Speech feedback and full support for VoiceOver.

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New in this version

- Normalized volume for all tutorial videos.
- Speech recognition improved when changing text/background colors.
- Improved speech feedback clarity for some commands.

- Fixed issue where speaker audio would play too quietly on some devices.

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