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Version 1.1 • Requires iOS 13.2 or newer

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Joel Clark


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Current Version: 1.1
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Tired of overwhelming to-do lists? The Beaver App keeps it simple and helps you plan your day.

Each day starts new:
Choose (or add) four tasks from your to-do list. That's it to build your daily to-do list.

Stay focused:
Instead of constantly blasting you with everything you haven't done, The Beaver App, only shows you what's important.

Save for later:
Tap on the top bar at any time to easily add an item to your to-do list, without affecting your daily list.


New in this version

Huge update! New colored screens show you where you're at in your day.
The pink screen is for building your day
Blue screen is for going about your day
Green screen means you've done what you need to do

Also changed some UI elements to support the new colored screens

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