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Version 1.1 • Requires iOS 13.0 or newer

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Amr Essam


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Current Version: 1.1
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Whether you want to crop videos for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or SnapChat, SWIP Smart Crop video editor is just for you.
SWIP Smart Crop uses AI to detect most salient object or person on the video, motion track it's movement.
* Crop to common aspect ratios: 9:16, square 1:1, 4:5, 2:3
* Export to Photos or Share to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
* Crop landscape YouTube videos to portrait for share
* Use SWIP - Smart Crop to auto reframe new videos from existing videos
* Create videos by focus on most important persons or objects in videos
The app only crop landscape videos


New in this version

* Add new crop type, 2:3
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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