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Current Version: 1.05
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Please note that this app is only for professional tutors.

The TizZ for Tutors app is a place for subject-matter experts, teachers, and translators who want to connect with students and provide on-demand help via video chat on their mobile device. TizZ is currently only available on iOS devices, and the desktop version will launch towards the start of 2021. Submit an application with your bio, intro video, and proof of your degree/certification to begin your application process.

Every tutor will be tested and background checked to ensure there is a knowledgeable and safe community for callers. Tutors who are approved are then listed on the TizZ platform for callers to access. Tutors can set their own hourly rate and availability.

Volunteer Tutors:
Tutors can set their hourly rate to $0 to become a volunteer and provide free tutoring for struggling students.

Benefits for Tutors:
- Earn an additional stream of income
- TizZ markets to students for you
- In-app chatting allows for the exchange of pictures and videos
- Work virtually from anywhere using your mobile phone
- Set your own hourly rate
- Set and automate your availability
- Connect instantly with new students

How to Start Earning on TizZ:
1. Download the app and create a Public Profile by completing all submission requirements.
2. Take the assessment test for your selected subject.
3. Pass the test and submit your background check
4. After approval, confirm your hourly and donation rate.
5. Set your availability or simply Go Live when you are available.
6. Get paid when you are on a video or audio call with a student. In-app chatting is free for both users.


New in this version

This new build includes bug fixes and chat improvements. New features includes real-time availability status reflected on the student app and ability for the caller to recharge while on a call.

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