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Alija Sirbic


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Vegan Swedish Fika - an app about vegan baking!

Excluding animal products from your diet for one reason or another should not be difficult. That should not mean to be deprived of something that you think is good, such as coffee and pastries.

This app will NOT contain raw food or sugar-free cookies. Here is the usual, honest, sugary sweets that applies! You will enjoy exclusive recipes, step-by-step photos with instructions and hot tips to succeed with your vegan baking. Everything for you and your loved ones to feel that vego is at least as good as the options!

In "Vegan Swedish Fika" there is a little bit of everything. You will find good cheesecakes, pies, roll cakes and crisp cookies. You will be able to bake what you did not think was possible to bake without eggs, milk and gelatin and you will not be disappointed! It will also be at least as good, do you dare to try?

In the app you will find:
* 20+ recipes from start with updates every week. All exclusive to the app
* Step by step pictures for all recipes
* Measurement instructions in both grams and volume
* Good tips for succeeding with your baking

The app will include vegan recipes for pastries from recipe creator Frida Svanberg, who runs her social channels under the name Fridasvegobak. Today, Frida is the largest profile in Sweden in its category!


New in this version

* New recipe:
- Cardamom Cheesecake

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