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Version 3.3.1 • Requires iOS 10.12 or newer

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Chenliang Jia


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Current Version: 3.3.1
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SQLiteFlow is an SQLite editor for Mac & iOS which is intuitive, stable and reliable to use.
It contains features as described below:

Query Editor
• Multi-query execution.
• Customize syntax highlighting.
• SQL auto-completion.
• Format query.
• Copy query with custom style.
• Paste recent query sessions.
• Explain query.

Data Viewer
• View, edit or add table data.
• View table data with a convenient data filter.
• Copy data to CSV.

Alter Table
• View, edit or add table fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks.
• View triggers.
• View DDL.
• Preview the query that for altering table.

Remote Connect
• Supports open remote SQLite databases on iPhone or iPad with SQLiteFlow(iOS) installed.

Database Statistics
• Display table counts and each table's record count.
• Display each table's storage consumed and storage consumed detail, including table data storage consumed and indexes storage consumed. (* Available on macOS 10.13+)

Database Diff
• Supports generate SQL text that can let you transform a database into another.
• Supports show a summary of the differences between two databases.

• Supports import CSV data.

Dark Mode
• Supports Dark Mode for macOS Mojave.

Drag and Drop
• Open databases and sql scripts.
• Create multiple windows.

Handle Database File Name or Directory Changes
• For instance, this makes SQLiteFlow can work friendly with your SQLite databases in iOS simulator.

Attach Database
• Attach opened databases without any code. This is a very handy feature that could save lots of your time from writing ATTACH DATABASE commands.

REGEXP operator
• Supports REGEXP operator for local databases when 'REGEXP operator' is enabled in Preferences.


New in this version

• Add shortcut Cmd + Shift + R to 'Run selected query'.
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

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