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Version 5.1 • Requires iOS 13.0 or newer

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Mike Clay


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Current Version: 5.1
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Bring the classic music interface back to your iPhone, tastefully modernized for iOS 13.

- Rearrangeable tabs
- Extra sorting options
- View track details, metadata & tagged lyrics
- Fresh modern design
- Customizable themes

"...back to local music with [Cs] and I have never been happier."
– Nilay Patel, Editor-in-Chief, The Verge

Cs requires Music.app be installed.


New in this version

Hey man, iOS 13 came out, like, 2 months ago! Where's the update? What's taking so long?!

Funny thing, is Cs has actually been rebuilt from scratch – TWICE – to get here. The first rebuild is awesome, and brings some pretty substantial innovation to the UI/UX. And so when it went into beta the response was basically "Thanks for the work, Mike. Kinda wish you hadn't done this, though. Cs was pretty perfect as is." Hard to argue with that. So I rebuilt it again, from the ground up, to take full advantage of the new features of iOS 13, and to be much more future-proof moving forward. All while staying true to the existing version that is so well loved.

Here's what's up:
- Playlist groupings and Search results now feature full navigation stacks!
- New contextual menus, similar to collection control swipe controls, but...
- they also include an Add to Playlist option!
- Search has been completely rebuilt. Previous weirdness finally appears to be gone.
- It looks like Classical Mode is gone. DON'T FREAK OUT. The Genre collection menu has finally been able to move to the logical place for it, and I've been able to add Composers as a collection option. So now you don't really need Classical Mode, because you can toggle on its benefits at any time in the Genres tab.
- Significantly improved the Now Playing dismiss gesture. Much more responsive tracking and can be flicked.
- Haptic feedback has been added throughout the app where applicable. Non-system haptics can be disabled in Settings.
- Now fully compatible with system Dark Mode.
- A fresh look and color. Fun fact: the original Cs teal was chosen because it was the polar opposite on the color wheel of iTunes pink. The new violet-tinged blue is inspired by Cs' chemical flame color!
- Some visual tuneups throughout.
- Adopted SF Symbols. I expect this to be controversial for some, but it is much more future-proof, will keep Cs feeling current and native as iOS evolves, and makes the app significantly more lightweight.
- Now third party lib-free! Meaning Cs should be much more resilient to future iOS updates.
- Cleaned up and standardized localizations.

Moving forward the focus will be on keeping Cs feeling current, stable and fresh, but there are currently no future plans for feature development. If you interested in that, have no fear! The original Cs 6 rebuild will be completed and released as a separate app, where I look forward to exploring new ways to navigate your music :) Keep an eye on @CsMusicPlayer on twitter for updates.

If you enjoy the new update, please consider leaving a positive review. Their importance really can't be understated. If you really-really enjoy the new update, think about dropping by the tip jar. Thank you for all the support over the years!

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