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Current Version: 4.0
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**Finalist of Best Elementary Student App Award**
**Winner 2012 - Top 5 Apps of 2012 by Let's Talk**
Welcome to Syntax City!
As the mayor of this great city, it is only fair of me to warn you: We take our syntax very seriously around here. Back when our city was founded, we wanted to create a utopia where all verbs would agree with their subjects, all actions would be spoken with the right tense, and all people lived peacefully with the proper pronouns.
I have a feeling youโ€™re really going to love it here. Please grab an ID badge because as soon as youโ€™re here, this place will become the perfect town.

Syntax City is a state-of-the-art application designed by Barbara Fernandes, M.S; CCC-SLP, that targets a variety of grammatical elements in fun and engaging ways for elementary and middle school children. The theme sets the tone for children visiting a variety of places within our town. Each location within the city targets a different set of goals:

-Gym: Do/Does
-Beach: Third person singular agreement
-Bakery: Was/Were
-Ski Resort: He/ She
-Farm: Past tense verb agreement
-Grocery: Has/Have
-Park: Is/Are
-Zoo: Regular and Irregular Plurals

Each location contains 50 targets, adding up to a total of 400 targets within 8 different activities. Each target phrase is also spoken aloud by highly talented voice-over professionals. Animations on each location make the application highly motivating for children to play while learning.

The application supports multiplayers! Each one of the five players is able to select an avatar and visit one or multiple locations within the city.

Collect treasures from each location: Syntax City has a very exciting treasure system. Each player collects a treasure based on the number of consecutive correct answers. The treasures are placed under each childโ€™s profile.

Data tracking: As with all other Smarty Ears apps, Syntax City offers extremely detailed and visually stunning data collection. A set of graphs provides visual information on childrenโ€™s skills and their progress toward mastery of specific goals. The data can be emailed, printed, or shared to other compatible applications.

-Targets receptive and expressive skills
-400 target questions
-8 different goals
-8 different locations
-Tracks data for each student
-Share results via email, print, open inโ€ฆ
-Built-in voice recording capabilities
-Results are presented in graph or text format
-Multiplayer capabilities
-Each student can work on same location/goals in different levels
-Designed by a speech pathologist


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Enhancement for iOS 12

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