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Current Version: 2.0
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Browse movies, Search for the next flix you want to watch, Create a wishlist & Share with your friends

Simple Design
Intuitive design that helps you identify the right movie based on geners, and what others are watching. Voice search provides a convinent way to search

Provides personalized dashboard, and helps you maintain your watch list and watched list, so that you don't have to remember the movie titles you have already watched

Always updated
The database is very rich and is powered by TMDB, which provides always the latest information. The app is optimized for high performance, at the same time, provides real-time information

You can share your reivews with your friends, and let them know what you are watching. You can view what your friends are watching. Even better you can plan to watch a flick together.


New in this version

---Version 2.0 ----
Version 2.0 has significant updates, and added a lot of features and fixed some bugs.

The movie screen shows lot more information now, and you can discover the cast and crew.

Now you can perform advanced search, follow your friends and track what they have watched and what they recommend. If you like your private, you can go completely incognito, with the privacy options.

You can edit your profile details from the app.

...and some cool user experience changes, based on the feedback, we got from you.

Thank you..and keep asking "What Flix?"

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