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Current Version: 3.1.2
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TiC is your lifestyle wallet that makes banking easy, convenient and accessible. Use TiC as your main spending account, because with us you can spend your money twice. Earn TiC tokens with every purchase you make and buy your desired lifestyle rewards with collected tokens.
No tricks, no hassles, just rewards plus full overview and control over your expenses.

All you need is your smartphone, ID document and 5 minutes of your time to have your account up and running so you can start enjoying the TiC life.


Experience what TiC has to offer, today:

Send money requests – Want to split the bill? Within the TiC app you can send money requests to other TiC accounts in just a matter of seconds, discreetly and without any hassle. Once they confirm your request the money will instantly be back on your TiC account.

Make Transfers – Money transfers to other accounts can be time-consuming and costly, depending on the amount and where you want to send the money. TiC app allows you to send money real-time to your friends or family where ever they are in the world as well as manage regular transfers to other bank accounts.

Collect TiC Tokens – For every purchase you make, you will earn TiC tokens that will be gathered safely in your TiC app and can later be exchanged for TiC rewards. This enables you to spend your money twice – once when you buy something and later when you exchange your TiC tokens for the rewards of your choice.

Be in control – You will always be 100% in charge of your money as well as your TiC card. Through the app you can easily control how your card behaves – set limits, activate or deactivate your card.

As safe as it gets - Instant transaction notifications, 2-factor authentication and secure disposable digital cards for online payments. You can sleep tight at night that your money is safe with TiC.

Get TiC Rewards – TiC offers a variety of exclusive services and products as rewards for your TiC Points. All TiC rewards are carefully selected to cater to different lifestyles and needs.

TiC Lifestyle Plans - Depending on how actively you spend, TiC has three different plans for different lifestyles.

Travel light - All you need to travel the world is the TiC app and the global payment card in your pocket that you can use wherever you are in the world.


New in this version

Our team is constantly working to streamline our processes and add new features to improve your overall experience.

Our most recent launch includes the following new features:

- Participate in campaigns and redeem exclusive lifestyle prizes
- Improved overview of your statements
- Improved card order process

And many more!

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