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Read timeless French classics in dual languages side by side to keep you in the flow while learning French. Learn all the best memorable quotes from the books. See how words are used in the context of the great writings. And improve your vocabulary significantly and naturally to lay a solid and essential foundation for all the other language skills.

Developed by one of the top-selling iOS app developers whose passions also include language, learning and AI, this unique app currently includes the following classics:

1. La Dame aux Camélias, one of the greatest love stories;

2. Le Petit Prince, one of most popular and beloved stories;

3. Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours, one of the most widely read novels;

4. Les Trois Mousquetaires, authored by Alexandre Dumas, buried in the Panthéon of Paris and father of the author of La Dame aux Camélias;

5. Candide, by Voltaire also In the Panthéon, among the most frequently taught works of French literature and one of the 100 most influential books ever written.

Main features in the app:

1. Read the classics in dual languages, side by side in the landscape mode or paragraph by paragraph in the portrait mode.

2. See all the best memorable quotes carefully selected for each classic. Recite them and you'll feel and love the beauty of the French language even more, and see why the books are such timeless classics.

3. Browse quickly all the word statistics - their frequencies and lexical classes - analyzed and created with modern AI technique. Maybe you want to learn words most frequently used first, or maybe you love spelling bee and want to do the opposite. Search any of the 7000+ words or phrase in the books and see how it's used in the context, which can be a great way to learn about those tricky little words.

4. Add note and highlights easily while reading, review them later and go back to the text with a simple tap.

Many more classics will be added to the app soon. Each classic is both unique in its characters and story, and universal in its amazing expressions of human emotions, thoughts, and acts.


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