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Version 1.0 • Requires iOS 10.3 or newer

Created by:

Elden Tam


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Animate Faster so you can: Do more Animating. Be more Creative. Have more Fun.

Key Features:
• Roll & Draw
Roll through drawings with your non-drawing hand and get a sense of how your poses and actions flow. See different timings by changing the speed of your hand.

• Drag & Drop Drawings
Move drawings in and out of your animation with a long press and drag. Swap poses in and out, so you can explore more posing ideas and see how it affects the action.

• Disappearing Reappearing Drawings
When you are drawing, the adjacent drawings can be made visible to aid in posing. When you are rolling, the adjacent drawings are automatically hidden so you can more clearly see the animation.

• Ugly Drawings, but Better Animation
The UI elements and features are kept simple to avoid distractions from animating and to help the app be as fast as possible while rolling and drawing. For example, you will find no high resolution, no line smoothing, and no color options. As a result, this app is not meant to replace your fully featured animation package. It is simply a way to explore your animation ideas quickly, so you can focus on the best ones.

Other features that may be of interest:
• Left-handed and right-handed drawing support
• Export the animation as a .mov
• FPS options to adjust the playback speed between 1-60 fps
• Hold any drawing between 1-90 frames
• Frames Held Default settings allow you to set a default for animating on 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.
• Top-peg or bottom-peg simulated rolling
• Browse through your animations and play a thumbnail video of the selected anim


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