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Version 1.6 • Requires iOS 10.13 or newer

Created by:

Pavel Kostka


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Current Version: 1.6
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    4 months ago
Amplify, equalize and boost your audio with 3-D surround.

● Amplifier up to 999%
● 10-channel equaliser with several built-in and up to 100 user profiles
● 20-channel spectrum analyser
● L-R VU power meters
● Tunable limiter preventing signal distortion
● 2 adjustable ranges of the amplifier
● Mouse scroll control of volume
● Adjustable colour schemes of the meters
● Consumes 0% of CPU in idle state
● Supports stereo/joint stereo/mono

Free demo version: https://www.nimblesnail.com

The app works in 2 modes:
- Local Audio player
- System-Wide Processing

In the player, you can play, amplify and equalise any of these audio formats: mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, ,aac, adts, ac3, aif, aifc, caf, snd or au.

In the system-wide mode, the app can process audio coming from any app. Additional free audio driver is needed in that mode:

Product documentation: https://www.nimblesnail.com/doc.html

EULA: https://www.nimblesnail.com/eula.html


New in this version

● 16 new equalizer profiles
● Pre-amplifier attenuator configurable for individual devices, each in the range of 0 ... -15 dB
● Each device can have own equalizer profile set upon selection
● Semi-logaritmic range for volume (default is on, you can switch it off in the settings)
● Priority device(s) - if a known device is connected (USB, Bluetooth, wired), you can set it so that the app automatically selects it as the active output device

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