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Version 1.2 • Requires iOS 13.0 or newer

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Marcel Hagmann


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Current Version: 1.2
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Create your positive reminders for your apple watch. This can be anything - you decide and create your texts that will show up on your apple watch.

How to do it?
1. Add TextWatch as a complication to your watch face
2. Open the TextWatch app on your Apple Watch
3. Open TextWatch on your iPhone and create your single-line or multi-line items. The items get sync automatically to your watch.
4. Tap on the item that you want to be displayed on your watch face

That's already it. Have fun creating your texts for your apple watch :)

Do you want to give feedback? You miss something, and you have a good idea for the next update? Or you just want to show us your created text on your watch face? Send us an email to [email protected] :)


New in this version

You can now find a manual within TextWatch where you can read about how to sync your items to your Apple Watch

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