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Version 1.6.13 • Requires iOS 10.11 or newer

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Current Version: 1.6.13
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Control your web browsing experience with Roadblock, a powerful content blocker for Safari on macOS and iOS. Roadblock blocks annoying and unwanted content, protects your privacy and security, improves webpage load time, and reduces browsing data usage.

Roadblock is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Profiles and settings sync seamlessly across all devices.

Content Blocking
• Comprehensive and optimized built-in rules to block ads, pop-ups, tracking, social buttons and widgets, images, videos, scripts, and more

Custom Rules
• Create and manage your own rules
• Block or whitelist resources and websites
• Hide webpage elements
• Strip cookies from web requests
• Force the loading of websites and resources over a secure connection (https)
• Specify filters using a simple and an intuitive filter format.
• View and manage all custom rules generated by Roadblock when you use its Safari extension to block and hide content visually
• Search, copy and paste, import, export, and share custom rules

Blocker Profiles
• Create and manage multiple profiles with different settings
• Activate profiles on demand
• Use different profiles on different devices
• Import, export, and duplicate profiles
• Share profiles with family and friends

Safari Extension
• Modern Safari extension that lets you block and hide content visually, change the active profile, turn blocking on or off, and add custom rules

Blocker Extension
• Modern blocker extension that blocks content with minimal overhead and high performance
• Doesn't have access to your browsing activities and can't send any information about what was blocked back to the app

iCloud Sync
• Keeps profiles and settings up-to-date across all your devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad)
• Lets you access your profiles and settings from any device

Please note that the modern extensions and iCloud Sync require macOS Sierra (10.12) or above. The dark appearance is only available on macOS Mojave (10.14) when the appearance is dark.

You can learn more about Roadblock for Mac at:


"the simplicity and power of profiles and the ability to create custom block and hide rules visually, make Roadblock my new favorite OS X content blocker"
- MacStories

"If you are having trouble focusing on the content on your favorite websites because it is full of distracting ads, you should consider opting for this efficient solution"
- AptGadget


New in this version

• Built-in rules updates and improvements
• Bug fixes and general improvements

Please open the app after updating it so the updated rules can be reloaded in Safari. It is recommended to have Safari closed when you open the app for the first after updating it.

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