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Welcome to the LIB Travel, the official app of Liberia’s Ministry of Health (MOH), which is to be downloaded and used by all travelers entering Liberia.

Your personal use of the LIB Travel will significantly help inform the MOH of your symptoms and notify the appropriate authorities so that immediate follow up can be made as needed, to get you the assistance you need. It is mandatory that you take your temperature with the thermometer provided, and report your symptoms daily for 14 days, uninterrupted. When you download this app and adhere to these instructions, you are doing your part to help our community stay safe; this is very important as schools and institutes of higher learning, the diplomatic corps, religious organizations, the business community, sporting and recreation industries, the health sector and others rely on our ability to take appropriate and timely interventions to manage this deadly virus, maintain healthy communities and ensure economic viability.

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously; this tool only shares your information with the authorities at the Ministry of Health; the MOH staff will contact you if needed to provide guidance and help to keep you and others safe.

Thank you for downloading the LIB Travel ! Together we can keep our family, friends and neighbors safe, and keep Liberia open for business.


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