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Current Version: 4.3.1
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The Photo Guide is the most comprehensive guide to photography on the App Store!

If you like photography as much as we do, you will love the Photo Guide.

β€” TUAW
"I don't hesitate to recommend The Photo Guide to digital photographers. [...] The photo examples are excellent, and the text is concise and clear."

Explore the fantastic world of photography with a beautiful and interactive app on your iPhone or iPad.

Today, almost everyone has access to a camera, but most users only leverage a fraction of its potential. Our goal is to change this. The Photo Guide starts off with the basics of photography and goes into great detail to help you improve your skills to finally make better photos.

We built the Photo Guide for seasoned photography enthusiasts, as well as for total beginners.

We dedicated an entire category to everyone who is just getting started with photography. The topics are result-oriented, practical, and deliberately avoid unnecessary technical terms.

Great image composition is a key element of great photography. The Photo Guide covers a huge range of interesting aspects.

See how specific photos were taken. Which shutter speed, aperture, etc. was chosen and why, which lighting is best and much more!

Learn about the different kinds of cameras, lenses, lens filters and much more, to make informed decisions what should be part of your gear.

The cameras in our mobile devices are extremely capable. It’s time to take these amazing cameras seriously. This category teaches everything about iPhone & iPad photography.

Practical tips and tricks for when you’re out capturing your next great photographs.

You can only master photography if you fully understand what’s happening behind the scenes, when you press the shutter button of your camera.

You already know everything about photography? Check out the quiz and find out if there's stuff you didn't know.

Oh no, what's β€œHyper-focal distance". Several hundred glossary entries will help you. Photography is not rocket science but so much fun!

# For beginners and seasoned photographers
# Universal App for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch
# iCloud sync of favorites, read articles and quiz progress
# 100% offline content - available everywhere you want to shoot!
# Interactive, beautiful and easy to understand
# More than 1,000 images to learn from including their Exif and location data

Please contact us from inside the app or through our website and give us your feedback. Is there anything we should improve? If you’re missing any specific topics, please let us know! Let us know about any problems, we’re here to help: [email protected]

Bad Elf, Canon, Enjoyyourcamera (quenoX), Fujifilm, GoPro, Hasselblad, HOYA, Leica, Lexar, Linhof, Lytro, Nikon, Novoflex, Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh / Pentax, Phase One, SanDisk, Schneider-Kreuznach, B+W Filter, SD Association, Sony, Transcend, Wanderlust, Zeiss for providing fantastic image material for the Photo Guide!

The world of photography is endless and so is the potential of the Photo Guide! The Photo Guide team would be glad to receive feedback, get back to work and provide free updates regarding completely new topics. There's so much we haven't "talked" about in the app yet.


New in this version

We hope you're enjoying version 4.3 and it's new AR mode!

This is just a minor update and contains two fixes:
β€’ Resolves an issue causing images to occasionally overlap text.
β€’ Resolves an issue causing text of in-line Glossary results to be unreadable in Light mode.

Enjoy photography!

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