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Does your child explore this wonderful world and is he interested in everything around? And what about to show imagination and show your knowledge with fun music?
   Incredibly exciting and dynamic game for parents and their children. There are 8 decks in the magic hat, each deck has about 10 cards with thematic tasks. Tasks to depict and demonstrate a particular subject can be performed by parents with children in a learning context, and by children in a competitive context.
  This fun game will not only cheer up, but also gives parents and children the opportunity to interact very closely, to be in the same team, to teach new unfamiliar subjects. It is also a great opportunity for parents to reveal the hidden talents, tastes and preferences of their children. For children, this is an opportunity to think, to show their imagination, quick reaction, creativity and ingenuity, as well as show their flexibility. It is very fun and exciting!
• Musical instruments - children should present themselves as a musician and demonstrate musical instruments that are depicted on cards (teaching and developing children's imagination).
• Animals - children must show animals from the deck (develops imagination, teaches new animals).
• Sports - children need to introduce themselves as participants in various sports, depicting sports (develops logic, thinking and imagination).
• Vehicles - children need to introduce themselves as drivers and show all types of vehicles that are shown on the cards (develops logic, thinking and imagination).
• Colors - children need to point to objects in the room or around themselves in the same color that appears on the selected card (develops quick thinking and attention).
• Numbers - children need to show numbers using their arms, legs, head and torso (develops creativity and flexibility of the body, you can use the game instead of charging).
• Fruits - children show others what kind of fruit is drawn on the card, where and how it grows and how to eat it (develops imagination, teaches new fruits)
 "Cards in a hat" is:
- Beautiful original graphics!
- User-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising!
- No in-app purchases!
- Funny characters and voice acting!
- The development of logic, thinking, responsiveness, flexibility and imagination.
- Interaction with parents and parental control!
    We are sure that the application will be a great helper for parents to have fun with their children, teach children something new and exciting, and children will have a reason not only to show their creative streak, imagination and thinking, but also to play with other children and learn.
  We hope you have fun with the Card in the Hat app! If you enjoy playing with us, please leave us a review!


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