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Version 2.6.3 • Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

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Pliable Matter LLC


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Current Version: 2.6.3
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    1 year ago
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NextStop is the app for New York City Subway riders who donโ€™t like to waste a minute. At a quick glance, it tells you when the next train is scheduled to arrive based on your current location, selected station, or pre-defined favorites. With this information in hand, itโ€™s easy to figure out the quickest route between point A and point B.

A green dot indicates that the countdown is based on a recent, realtime location of the train. A gray dot indicates that the countdown is based on MTA timetables (pre-published schedules). See the help screen for more details.

- Displays your favorite stations based on time of day (morning commute, evening commute, etc.).
- Shows upcoming stops at all stations near your current location.
- Shows upcoming stops (including times) for selected train.
- Includes the official MTA map. Clicking a station displays upcoming stops for that station.
- Allows browsing of lines and stations to find next stop for any train.
- Displays MTA service alerts (delays, service changes) and advisories (planned work, etc).

NextStop is officially licensed by the MTA and all graphics are used with permission.


New in this version

- Fixes bug that prevented Lexington Ave/63 St Q arrivals from being displayed

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