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Can't afford a Personal Trainer but want healthy, sustainable, real results both mentally and physically? Join 1000’s of members already enjoying, achieving and loving the Belle Hutt app and the Belle Hutt community for less than 80p a session.

Belle has taken teaching fitness to a whole new level. You no longer need to worry about what workout you are going to do, how many reps you have to count or even driving to the gym for that matter. Belle's live classes, whether on demand or live, provide heaps of encouragement, education and entertainment! No workout is ever the same, these workouts will transform your body, mind and life!

You can either join a brand new workout with Belle on the live stream every morning from wherever you are or choose from a huge library of on demand workouts (saved live workouts) ranging from HIIT, Sculpt and Cardio to Mobility and Pilates.

Track your progress by using Belle's measurements feature. The Belle Hutt app also has Apple Health integrated for you to keep an eye on your steps, calories and all completed workouts all within the progress section of the app. You also can compete with other members on the community leader board.

Belle makes sure every single member is heard, just like a PT would treat their clients.

Give it a go by taking advantage of the 7 day free trial, press play and just start – something pretty incredible is about to happen and Belle is so excited to be part of your journey to a stronger, healthier and happier you!
After your 7 day free trial has ended you will have the option to sign up to either a monthly, 6 monthly (20% discount) or yearly (40% discount) subscription. Subscription is required for full use of the app.

Belle's T&Cs can be found here:


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On demand video upload delay fixed.

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