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Organizing an event? Make sure everyone’s invited stylishly! With over 600 original invitation templates, Graphic Node’s Pages Invitations is your trusty companion to craft that perfect invitation for any kind of event. Birthday party, picnic, wedding, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving - Pages Invitations have you covered!

Every template is highly-customizable so unleash your creativity: edit, replace, resize items, change texts, choose playful fonts - personalize the invitations to capture the essence of any event!

Remember, all events start with an invitation - make it a good one!

* Requires the latest version of Pages


New in this version

• The new version improves compatibility with a new version of macOS.
• macOS Mojave Dark Mode integration.
• Stability improvements.
• Added new templates.
• macOS El Capitan compatibility bug fixes.

If you think something’s missing or have any suggestions for content improvements, get in touch with us: [email protected]

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