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Current Version: 6.4
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For better processes.

The Process Modeller app for the iPad puts process management expertise at your fingertips, and makes it easy to define and draw process flow charts quickly.

The app is aimed at process managers, project leaders and managers whose job involves describing and optimising business processes. It enables the user to describe process charts quickly and conveniently and thereby increase the efficiency of projects and organisations. Processes created with the Process Modeller app can easily be printed or shared.

The Process Modeller app lets you take BPM (Business Process Management) to a higher level, with the central focus on sharing, designing and new ways of collaborating.
The Process Modeller app enables you to:

Describe processes
• Add relevant elements to a process.
• Describe the process purpose, clients and suppliers.
• Identify risks and measures.
• Define KPIs.

Design processes
• Draw process flow charts.
• Look at processes from different points of view automatically (process flow, horizontal swim lanes, vertical swim lanes, horizontal flow).
• Adjust processes to suit your preferences.
• Link functions to activities.
• Describe activities.

Share and publish processes
• Export to JPG to include in your presentations.
• Export to XML to add the processes to your own BPM tool.
• Print multiple process reports to PDF.
• Export processes to Sensus BPM Designer.
• Export to Visio (only available in the Full version).
• Save process versions (only available in the Full version).

The app is available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Korean..


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