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Version 2.2 • Requires iOS 10.9.0 or newer

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Chris Mayer


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Current Version: 2.2
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    5 months ago
Now featuring 3 ways to play...

Quick-play Brain Exercises - Pick an exercise type from the seven varieties included, choose difficulty and time settings. Challenge yourself to set high scores, or practice without any time limits.

Daily Training - Brain App provides a different selection of three exercises each day of the week. Complete Daily Training to discover your Brain App IQ.

NEW Challenge Mode - Assist Professor Turing in his research lab, complete challenges and publish research papers in this brand new mode. More than 100 challenges to complete!

Brain App's exercises work by stimulating increased blood flow in key areas of the brain - improving neural connections which allow for faster responses and increased memory recollection ability.

+ 9 Exercise Types (2 exclusive to Challenge Mode)
+ Daily Training Mode to discover your Brain App IQ
+ NEW Challenge Mode with more than 100 challenges
+ Practice mode - no time limit!


"Hands down a 5 star app that everyone should download and practice at least once a day!" - AppDictions

"Simple concept that is well executed and polished. Very addictive and has become one of my favorite brain training games!" - User Review, App Store (Australia)


New in this version

NEW Challenge Mode - More than 100 challenges!
Two new Mini Challenges - Piano & Higher/Lower.
Improvements to Target Time exercise, making it particularly more playable for users with color blindness.

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