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Current Version: 2.0
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2-Player Clue just became as good as 3-Player using ClueBot! Now you can play traditional Clue board games with only two players and keep the player progress a secret! Allow ClueBot to create a case to solve and serve as Player 3. Cluebot is setup to work with Rick and Morty, D & D, Classic, Big Bang Theory, Bob's Burgers, Harry Potter, Zelda or use generic cards for any clue board game containing three groups of 6 characters, 6 items, 9 locations! No additional setup required, just install the app :)
ClueBot acknowledges how great the Clue board games are but would also like to express that ClueBot is not affiliated in any way with Hasbro, Clue or parent companies of characters resembling names mentioned within ClueBot. Characters and pictures in ClueBot third party app are only to assist players relate their physical card deck with the app to create a mystery in 2-Player Clue.
For support/suggestions email: [email protected]


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