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Current Version: 1.3
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This maths trainer will help second-grade/year-3 students to learn and consolidate the small multiplication tables.

Ad-free, no InApp purchases and no data collection!

Learn mode: select a number range (from 1 to 10) in the bottom bar. The complete number series is displayed for review and queried simultaneously in random order. Confirm your entry by pressing the green button. The result will be checked immediately and statistics will inform about the learning progress.

This 1x1 coach is intelligent. He will never ask for the same problem twice and he will also query all possible variants.

Of course, you can switch anytime between training and learning.

Training mode: select one or more series of numbers. Random prblems are made from these series of numbers. You get the full score when the correct answer is given within 5 seconds. Between 5 and 8 seconds you'll get fewer points and after 8 seconds you will get no points at all. The statistics will inform you about the learning progress.


New in this version

- Success notification sound
- Request App Store rating and review from the user.

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