SpotEQ: Equalizer Bass Booster

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Version 2.2.1 • Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

Created by:

Zack Fletcher


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Current Version: 2.2.1
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    1 month ago
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Want to add a new dimension to your Spotify music? Breathe new life into your Spotify library with SpotEQ, the most advanced equalizer for Spotify!

SpotEQ is an equalizer for Spotify Premium members.** A Spotify Premium subscription is required to use this app.

SpotEQ is the ONLY iPhone app to offer you both the precision of a 30-band EQ AND all of the Spotify features you know and love!*

Designed with simplicity in mind, SpotEQ's equalizer is intuitive yet incredibly powerful. SpotEQ doesn’t limit you to slidersβ€”its curve editor lets you fine-tune with ease and precision. With a few drags of your finger, you can create customized sound profiles fit to your car, your headphones, your ears, and your tastes! Plus, any time you find a setting you like, you can SAVE it and name it, because SpotEQ lets you save an UNLIMITED number of custom presets!

With SpotEQ, you can:
- Stream your Spotify playlists
- NEW: Play from your Liked Songs Library
- Search for any song, artist, album, or playlist
- Control 30 EQ bands with one curve
- Save custom EQ profiles for cars, headphones
- Set the gain level for loudness or headroom
- Add to and Edit your Spotify playlists
- Create new playlists from albums or songs
- "Like" new songs to save them to your library
- Add to and Edit your Play Queue
- NEW: Filter Playlists and Liked Songs with multiple search terms to create a new jam!
- Shuffle / Repeat / Repeat-One
- Share songs, albums, and artists with friends
- Set separate stream qualities for WiFi and Cellular connections to save data
- Control SpotEQ's cache size

What are you waiting for? Try SpotEQ todayβ€” your ears will thank you!

If you have any suggestion or problem whatsoever, just send me feedback from the Settings menu! I respond personally!


* SpotEQ does not currently include Radio or Discovery tools. "Full Spotify functionality" defined as searching and browsing, full-quality streaming, playlist interaction, and access to your Liked Songs.

** USE OF SPOTEQ REQUIRES A SPOTIFY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. Spotify does not allow free users to use third-party streaming applications.

This product uses music from Spotify but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trademark of the Spotify Group.


New in this version

Thanks to your support, I am able to update SpotEQ regularly with fixes and feature improvements! This update addresses the following:
- Fixed the warning message for users who sign in with a non-Premium Spotify account.
- Crash fix (affecting a small number of users)

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