Little Comet

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Version 1.3 • Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

Created by:

Markus Latvala


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Current Version: 1.3
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    3 months ago
Little Comet is a cute physics-based space minigolf

Guide Little Comet on her long journey around the sun. Meet new friends and collect candy while you slingshot your way past the planets of our Solar System. Dodge gravity fields, ride the solar wind, and avoid perils like electric storms and hot planets to reach the next wormhole that takes you one step closer to your mother, the sun.

Minigolf on a cosmic scale
- Slingshot yourself across space and bounce off planets and ride their gravity to reach goal
- Complete secondary objectives to earn extra stars
- Use stars to unlock all 48 courses

Casual turn-based fun
- Easy to learn, hard to master
- No planet is alike. New gameplay elements keep the courses interesting
- Secondary objectives include laid back tasks with no time limit

Suitable for even the youngest players
- Cute characters and colorful courses
- Simple user interface with minimal texts
- No ads or in-app purchases
- Children learn about the planets and our solar system while having fun


New in this version

-Added sound effects
-Redesigned course 12-4

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