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Version 1.5.54 • Requires iOS 6.0 or newer

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Panic Ensues Software


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WWII tactical submarine combat on your iPad!

Take command of a U-boat prowling the Atlantic in search of enemy convoys to sink. Sneak past the escorts and torpedo the transports. Or surface and use your deck gun in a night attack.
When the escorts come after you, drop decoys and sneak away before they can crush you with their depth charges.

* The first game of its kind designed for touch-screen devices.
* Smoothly blends a submarine simulator with arcade action.
* Provides the tools for both stealth and offense; you decide how aggressive you want to be.
* Multiple times of day allow for different play styles.
* Location-based damage/repair affects the performance of your sub.
* Random encounter generator for deep replayability.
* Three difficulty levels.
* Tutorial mode helps you learn the ropes.
* Global leaderboards.


New in this version

Fixed freeze bug after viewing keyboard controls while in-game.

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