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Version 10.9.1 • Requires iOS 11.0 or newer

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Current Version: 10.9.1
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BiH TV is an app for checking TV schedules for Bosnia and Herzegovina anytime, anywhere. Track your favorite shows and programs, set alarms for when the shows you love are on the air!

● TV schedule for a total of 134 TV channels (BiH and others)
● TV listings showed using your local time zone
● Display on latin or cyrillic (user selectable)
● Easy to find and track reruns and all episodes of a series by using favorites
● Search by TV channel, category or a key word
● Heuristic show categories: Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, For children, News, Entertainment, Music and Sport
● Application has to be paid only once, but you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously

CLOUD (iCloud):
● Stored in the cloud: list of selected TV channels, list of favorites and alerts
● Allows automatic synchronization between all your devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

● Ability to receive an alert up to 2 hours before the show is on air
● Alerts are received even when you are offline
● Automatic reprogramming of alerts if show schedule changes
● Support for recurring alerts that trigger every time your favorite show is on air
● Scheduled alerts are visible in your calendar
● If you use the same calendar on multiple devices, alerts will be visible on all of your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, etc.)

● All content downloaded from Internet is cached locally so it can be used later without re-downloading the same content and allowing you to use this application when you are offline
● TV listings are downloaded in background allowing you to use the application while downloading
● Support for fast application switching
● Multitasking support: Download of TV listings continues when you exit from the application
● Support for dual core CPUs using Grand Central Dispatch technology

● Automatic rotation of user interface when your device rotates
● Support for high resolution graphics on Retina display

Icons: Joseph Wain /

Support website:

We cannot answer to your comments! If you have a problem, send us an e-mail!

● We own all intellectual property rights to the software. However, we do not claim ownership to the channels and contents which ownership is held by the site to which the software links.
● This software doesn't maintain any channel servers but only uses the channel servers that are available on the web. Sometimes server feeds are turned off, not available or just bad quality. We have no control over the Internet feeds used by this application.
● If owners of any specific channels don't want the channels to appear in this application, please send your request to our email to remove them from the application. But, if owners of any specific channels have any concerns regarding law, please contact either the entities claiming the servers mentioned above.
● Channels offered may vary and may be withdrawn without prior notice depending on the availability.
● We own the right to modify these terms at any time, which modification shall be effective immediately upon posting.


New in this version

● Fixed non-working TV channels
● Improved user interface interactivity
● Fix for a situation when an alarm could be duplicated or have an invalid title

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