EGSY01 Analog Synth

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Version 3.1.3 • Requires iOS 9.1 or newer

Created by:

Elliott Garage


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Current Version: 3.1.3
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    3 years ago
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ElliottGarage presents EGSY01 analog synth v2.0, featuring InterApp audio, AU3, CoreMIDI, Audiobus and much more!

With EGSY01 you can create sounds without any limit, from modern ones to vintage analog ones, working with arpeggiator, step sequencer and FM, addictive and subtractive synthesis .
The totally brand new audio engine generate your sound mixing 2 oscillators with 4 selectable waveforms, and you can watch the sound created on the oscilloscope screen.

You can set the sounds through the panels "Oscillators", "ADSR/LFO", "FM", "FX" and "Settings", and play with any master keyboard or MIDI controller (CORE MIDI), or creating a wireless MIDI network, or again sending the audio signal to other apps with InterApp audio or AUDIOBUS.

The keyboard is touch sensitive, and you can modulate the sound by sliding your finger up and down on the keys or moving the pitch modulation (assignable to various parameters of the synth from "Settings" panel). You can also set your favorite musical scale on the keyboard and easily play over your songs.

Stereo delay and Arpeggiator steps time can be synchronize in the BPM tempo panel, to generate incredible rythmic figures.


- 2 oscillators with selectable waveforms, volume, octave e detune
- InterApp Instrument & AU3 compliant
- MIDI In from other app and MIDI controllers
- 4 Waveforms (Sine, Saw, Triangle, PWM)
- Core midi/Network midi
- MIDI Learn functionality to map all knobs and slider to your external MIDI controller
- Vca / Vcf
- Evenlope ADSR
- FM Synthesis panel (with 2 operators)
- Panel BPM tempo, with tap tempo, tempo sync for Delay & Arpeggiator, and subdivisions (4/4, 6/8 and 8/8)
- Arpeggiator - 4 different types of arpeggiator, gate, selection arpeggio octaves
- Step sequencer with selection from 4 to 16 steps and pitch values ​​root, fifth, 1 octave, 1 octave fifth, 2 octave
- Setting for keyboard and arpeggiator portamento
- Stereo delay (can be synchronized with the arpeggiator)
- Panel FX (delay + crush + noise)
- VoiceSynth effect with Keyboard Controlled option
- Granular effect
- High Pass and Low Pass Filter
- Keyboard with 6 octaves and control on filter cutoff
- Keyboard musical scales (56 different types)
- Modulation wheel can be assigned to different parameters
- Oscilloscope
- Presets save - overwrite - exchange
- LFO with selectable amplitude and frequency
- Audiobus, Interapp & AU3
- Polyphony
- Universal App

* the app includes presets designed by Red Sky Lullaby, SoundOfIzrael and Alfonso Fo' Corace [Fo's Room]


New in this version

- Monophonic/Polyphonic option for keyboard
- Changed toolbar on iPhone (now they're real buttons)
- Fixed issue reloading app as AU3 plugin

- AU3 parameters automation support for BeatMaker3 and NanoStudio2
- Support for MIDI Program Change - Favorites presets can be assigned and controlled via MIDI Program Change
3.0 New features
- EGSY01 is now an AU3 with full parameters automation supports
- New Sequencer & Automation module
- Presets are now exchangeable (export & import single preset or user bank)
- Improved knob sensitivity
- Sequencer and delay time syncs with host (AU3)
- Multiple assignment for modulation wheel
- Presets by SoundOfIzrael & Alfonso Fo’ Corace

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