Racing OSM Style

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Version 1.4 • Requires iOS 10.0 or newer

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OSM Studios, LLC


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Current Version: 1.4
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**Addicting racing fun!**
See if you can use your driving skills to keep up. The challenge awaits you! A muscle car racing game where the opponents cars are matched to whichever engine packages you choose. Uses a system of rotating the tracks as well as the cars so that you race each one of your opponents on every track! This game features profile-able car set ups, stunning graphics; simulation racing; 3-D environments; aggressive engine sounds and power and Nitrous Oxide (Boost). Vehicle mechanics include: emissive in car 3-D gauges; positive traction; RW drive; torque based gear change mechanism; variable transmission gear torque; vehicle physics stabilizer mechanisms; real chrome wheels; real V8 engine sound bites coupled with a complex animation curves; real 3-D environment reflections in rear view and side view mirrors; exterior and exterior cameras. Profiles include: body paint; engine packages; gauge emission color; headlight options; transmission type; chrome color; handling; steering speed and driver options. Vehicles emit real light from headlights and tail lights. These cars are shielded within the boundaries of the roads to help keep your horsepower on the roads.


New in this version

Updated physics: maximum angular velocity values reduced to 0.481 for improved response to cornering at high speeds. Game scene now displays the choice panel to the user when the user completes the race and the users car reaches zero miles per hour. Updated the available "Gone In 60" gray color to for the 67 mustang to include a black body kit. Now our selection of three (3) default profiles for each car are available to showcase what we think are the best color combinations for each car inside and out.

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