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Xijian Lin


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QsCalendar is an awesome address book with Contact Photo.
QsCalendar has Search View and Birthday View with Contact Photo.

The Search View shows all contacts.
The recently viewed contacts in the Search View are shown at the top with Contact Photo.
This is so easy for everyday.

Just touch the Contact Photo to connect:
phone calls, video calls, iMessages, map, edit and more.

When birthday date is added to a contact, indicated with blue color In the Search View,
the contact will be shown in the Birthday View: the Month Calendar of QsCalendar.

QsCalendar is the Unique Photo Album of Address Book.
Touch on Today, to show all birthdays of the month from the current day.
The birthdays of This Week are shown in orange.
Touch the Month Selector to show birthdays for the selected month.
Touch the Year Selector to show the birthdays for coming the years.

QsCalendar is designed for everyday to connect.
QsCalendar is designed for the birthdays to celebrate.

Enjoy this awesome app.



New in this version

iOS update, contact search for all contacts including Contact Photo with recently viewed at the top and more.

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