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Waterbirth – a professional guide for midwives is your introduction to water for pain relief and birth. The app is developed by midwives with vast experience with waterbirths, both in clinical practice and in education of midwifery students. The app provides you with inspiration and clinical tips for your daily practice as a midwife.

Warm water is relaxing and reduces labour pains. It is affordable, non-invasive and has no side effects. Women, who give birth in water, often express great satisfaction with both pain relief and birth experience.
Most women associate a warm bath with relaxation and self-care, and the feeling of being surrounded by warm water is safe and familiar. In birth, where the woman can feel insecure, safe and familiar is welcome.
The weightlessness in the water makes it easy for the woman to change positions, and changing positions can reduce labour pains and promote birth.

• Photos and clinical video
• ’My downloads’: Your downloaded videos and sound files, which you can also use offline.
• Clinical tips
• Access to a database with the latest research

The App is developed by midwife PhD Sara Kindberg from GynZone, in cooperation with midwife and waterbirth expert Anne Fjeldberg and Fjordblink® Medical.


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- Added English and German language

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