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Ting Tze Chuen


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Current Version: 2.0.1
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Loved by TUAW, AppAdvice, and more than 1 million users! Create awesome slideshows that you can share on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or via email.

Turn your amazing photos into engaging flips with photo filters, transitions, and music, all in ONE app-- Fliptastic!

"It has a lot of features that most competing apps don't have in one place." - Mel Martin, TUAW

"Fliptastic is a really fun way to take a bunch of photos and make them into a digestible postable viewing experience.” - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice

“My seven-year-old taught me how to use this app (no joke).” - Valerie Rice

• SELECT: Choose up to 100 photos from Instagram, photo albums or take a new picture using the camera
• PHOTO EDITOR: Crop, Add Caption or apply unique Filters to your photos!
• MUSIC: Add background music to your videos with Fliptastic soundtrack (over a dozen songs included), or use songs from your music library
• SPECIAL EFFECTS: Add Snow, Heart and Starry effects, only on Fliptastic!
• TRANSITIONS: Apply cool animated transitions including Crossfade, Slide, Light Saber and more
• SHARE: Upload to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or save to your Camera Roll and share using other apps!
• INSTAGRAM: Simply tap on the Instagram logo to automagically optimize for Instagram video!

Remember to hashtag #fliptastic for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account!


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Instagram: @FliptasticApp
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New in this version

• Fixed: Various bug fixes and improvements
• Loved: Your emails -- Please keep them coming! Email us at [email protected] for all your feedback and suggestions :)

Thank you and we hope you enjoy using Fliptastic as much as we enjoyed making it!

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