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lovekesh Kumar


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Finally! 150+ Pre-Made Nurse emojis! Want to personalize your emojis>? Go here and sign up for our newsletter:
We are working on a secret project where you can make your own emojis. Signup for free to hear more.


Nurses work hard and they deserve their own emoji app!

Send to your fellow nurses!

Know a nurse or a group of nurses that deserve to be turned into emojis? Keep Reading.

Help us make Nursemoji the best app by:

1.) Downloading the app
2.) Swipe to the last page
3.) Click on the first pack titled, "Turn Real Nurses into Emojis!"
4.) Sign up and you can submit unlimited nurses to become emojis.
5.) We will pick the best ones and regular update the app.

Have other feedback? Download the app and scroll to the bottom to email us instantly.



New in this version

*We have listened to your feedback and have started a secret app project for nurses only. It should be live in 2 weeks. (hint) more emoji options. More info soon.
The best way to hear more info and find out when this NEW app will launch is by, updating this app, opening it, swipe to the last screen and clicking on the 1st button, "Join the secret email newsletter".
We will then keep you in the loop and host a few give aways so you may be able to get the new app for free.

More things we did on this update:
*If you love this app please review it :) Just search for the app in the store, then click reviews.
*Added Support Video on how to use the app and what full access means. To access this video just update the app, then open it and swipe to last screen and click on the second button titled, "How to use this app".
*Removed links on emoji packs
*Performance improvements.

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