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Now in their 8th year as a mobile app, and their 11th online, the Wise Pilgrim Guides are the go-to source of up-to-date information on the Camino de Santiago.

The app is updated regularly with new content and new features and offers you the ability to leave tips for pilgrims following behind you.

This guide covers the Camino del Norte from IrΓΊn to Santiago de Compostela and includes all of the alternate routes along the way. It has been redesigned and now works almost exclusively offline (to share your comments with others will require a data connection). As more an more albergues share their WiFi this becomes less of an issue, and the guide will tell you which ones offer WiFi.

Accommodation Directory:
A full directory of Albergues, camping, hotels, pensions, paradors, and cases rurales. Over 500 in total, with special attention to those that can be booked online.

Stageless Guide:
No more "stage anxiety" or guide created bottlenecks.

Offline and online versions of a beautiful topographical may will give you a good view of the terrain ahead.

Photos of albergues, monuments and other points of interest along the way. Currently 400+ images and growing.

Scrollable Elevation Map:
This one is hard to show with just a screenshot, but the elevation that appears at the top of every city page scrolls East to West. One complete elevation, from IrΓΊn to Santiago, uninterrupted by page folds.

Albergue closed early for the season? Have a restaurant that you want to share, or perhaps one to warn others about? Every location in the app gives you the opportunity to leave a comment and to read the comments left by others. No registration necessary.

Β‘Buen Camino and thank you for your support!


New in this version

This update includes updated information regarding the reopening status of accommodations related to Covid-19.

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