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Current Version: 4.3.0
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Looking4Cache is a app with a wide set of functions around the fascinating hobby geocaching. With direct access to over two million geocaches on Groundspeak´s Geocaching platform you can search for a box nearly everywhere.

In seconds you can store geocaches including all informations like the last logs, the waypoints and the images to your device over the direct API access (for this please read the annotation on the bottom). Or you can import a gpx file or a pocket query. All data will be stored on your device for offline usage.

Log your founds with images and trackables instantly or after your trip in the app. You can upload fieldnotes to the geocaching website too. And this not only for you but also for your complete team.

One of the highlights of Looking4Cache are the offline maps from OpenStreetMap like you found nowhere else. Choose and download the maps including contour lines directly in the app and use them in dead spots or in foreign countries without roaming costs. You can download whole states or complete countries.

With the ability to cache completely offline your battery will be conserved. To save more power the GPS accuracy will be switched based on the distance to your next target.

Here a list of the key functions:

Load Geocaches:
- through the Geocaching Live API
- load Pocket Queries and geocaching.com lists
- import own GPX and GGZ files
- GSAK database import (InApp purchase)
- Live Map: See surrounding caches
- GCVote integration
- Supports corrected Coordinates and pers. Notes

Manage lists:
- add Geocaches to lists
- use a lot of filers and sorts
- swipe a cache to build lists for your next trip

- Offline topo vector maps
- Online OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, Bing
- Online Apple Maps
- Send coordinates to other navigation apps

Log Geocaches:
- for multiple users
- with a log drafts, multiple for each log type possible
- log Travelbugs, with auto-visit too
- save logs locally
- Fieldnotes

- Link to your local contact
- Find telephone jokers

- Create and send GPX files

Integration in iOS:
- search for GC-Codes in Safari
- open GPX files from mail

Attention: To access the geocaches you need a user on Groundspeak´s Geocaching plattform (.com). According to your membership type the amount of data is restricted. Basic Members could load 3 full cache descriptions per day and up to 6000 basic descriptions. As a Basic Member the geocache search is restricted to traditional caches. To get full access and use all functions of this app you should have a premium account.

Attention: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


New in this version

This version contains the function that has been requested most often recently: Loading and modification of lists created on geocaching.com. With this feature you can e.g. arrange caches for a tour online and then transfer them very easily to your phone. Or simply put the caches in a todo list on the iPad and update them on the iPhone.

In addition I could finally implement the longest asked function, because there was a geocahcing.com API extension: Favourite points as percentage display. Finally, new caches are no longer disadvantaged by the FP rating compared to long-time caches.

In this version I have also significantly reworked the communication with geocaching.com. Blocking of the interface by sending data should no longer occur.

New functions:
- geocaching.com lists can be loaded. Changes to these lists are transferred to geocaching.com.
- PocketQueries can now be imported directly via the API instead of GPX files. This is slower, but more data is included.
- The geocaching.com solution checker can now be called at the Corrected Coordinates.
- Display of the percentage of favorite points. Shows the ratio of found logs from premium members to the assigned favourite points.
- Sorting by the percentage of favourite points.
- The four new attributes are included.
- Added 'TomTom Go' and 'Magic Earth' as Navigation Apps.

General information:
- Sending data or refreshing geocaches revised. This should no longer block the interface.
- Users will be alerted if they have disabled the option "Allow applications from authorized developers to share your geocaching activity" on geocaching.com. Until now, these are only displayed as 'OptOutUser'.

Bug fixes:
- For Owner Logs the option "Draft" is no longer disabled.
- Mass sending of locally stored 'Drafts' now works again, even if no log text has been entered.
- GPX import and export works again with user created waypoints.

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