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Welcome To Pro Kids Fun Game Learning Shapes...

Pro Kids Fun Game Learning Shapes: - Pro Kids Fun Game Learning Shapes is a free app designed to help 'toddlers' learn basic of "' Shapes Name' using interactive "maths learning" games. It's targeted toward 2 - 4 years old 'toddlers' and 'nursery kids'.

There are seven 'maths learning' module which designed to teach and ' Shapes Names'. We believe 'Spelling learning for nursery kids' and "Birds Name for Toddlers" should be simple, free, interactive and engaging so that they do not get overwhelmed. Our "Toddler Bird Name and Spelling" Free app make 'Spelling learning for nursery kids' and 'toddlers' fun and simple.

Pro Kids Fun Game Learning Shapes Futures: -

1. Shapes Name and Identify Shapes by sound: - Learn to identify and touch Shapes by it's sound
2. Learn Shapes Name With Fun And Attractive Objects.
3. Practice Shapes Name: - Identify Shapes In Sequence.
4. Game :- Touch on Particular Shapes by Speak Sound.

# Our motto: -
' Shapes Name for Toddlers' should be fun. Spelling should be fun. Learning should be fun. We believe that these 3 'Spelling learning' modules will make 'spelling learning for nursery kids' and toddlers fun activity and will create a good understanding of ' Shapes Name & Spelling'.

# Ads: -
Please note that "Toddler Birds Name and Spelling" Free is ad supported. So user will no hesitation and disturbed during play game.

We thank you for downloading our app. We do hope that you and your little toddlers / 'nursery kids' will really like our "Numbers for Toddlers Free" app "Toddlers Shapes Name and it’s Spelling" and they will enjoy 'learning Spelling' i.e – ' Shapes Name and Spelling'.

Also, we plan to come up with more modules for " Shapes Name for Toddlers Free" app such as Educational, memory games and evaluation module so that you can be use for “Toddlers " free in action.

We thanks you for your support and help in making "Educational for Toddlers Free" success. Thanks.

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