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Evgeny Turchaninov


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Current Version: 2.0
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  • πŸ”ƒ Updated to v1.0
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Introducing Payment & Expenses Reminder - The simplest way to organize your payments. Forget about those complicated apps that are way to frustrating to use and say yes to a payments reminder app which is straightforward and extremely simple to use.

Enter your monthly income or any income you earn throughout the month within the app. The income has green color and serves as a base.

See your already paid monthly expenses and payments clearly on the dashboard. They have red color and are deducted from your total income.

Overview your upcoming payments while checking your current balance. Plan your funds smartly!

For the upcoming payments that are due, you can receive notifications that will serve as reminders to not forget and pay the amount you owe. Alternatively, set exact time and date when to get the reminders.

Sort payment records within the app and set upcoming payments for the next 12 months (you can even sync data via iCloud). This is all viable in the summary section where you can also view single payments, upcoming payments, debts with passed periods and so on.

Now it’s the time to sort your payments.
Simplify the way you plan your payments and get reminders to never miss a debt and payment obligation.
Download the simple finance app that will organize your earnings and expenses in a neat way!


New in this version

Big update!
+ multiple plans are available now, such as personal and work plans:
you can add more payment plans, they will be independent, but notifications will track all plans
+ new design and new colors
+ fixed some bugs

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