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Current Version: 3.0.2
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OilyApp is a YL approved, YL partnered resource for essential oil education, business building and much more! Learn all about how to use YL essential oils as well as how to build a business with YLEOs. Get an inside view to corporate and the YL Foundation through video interviews and support opportunities. Learn from a wide range of YL leaders through the OilyApp Podcast! See YL events from an inside view as we travel the world and share the experience by video!

NOTE: OilyApp is not the same as Oily Tools. We have and love that app but this is a different resource!

OilyApp also has FAQs and supports many countries for insured YL approval of content--just select your country on the home page of the app!

This app is content rich and is regularly being added to so that you can experience YLEOs not only as a health product but as an international community.


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• Minor bug fixes

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